Genuine Ethos Bright Eyes Drop for CATARACTS – IMPORTANT NOTICE:

Following a ruling in 2011 by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) the Ethos Bright Eyes Drops have now been classified as a medicinal product.

Please be aware of cheap copycat imitations; if it doesn’t have the European CE Mark of Approval and Peter Aldred’s passport photograph on the label then it is fake.

The product can no longer be advertised or sold as a cure or treatment for cataracts as it will affect the government’s NHS fees and the huge profits made from private cataracts surgery,


NB: THIS ONLY APPLIES TO CUSTOMERS WITHIN THE UK – The eye drops for pets are identical to the ones for humans, apart from the label on the front of the box, and these can still be sold in the UK unhindered.


Other EU countries, plus other countries worldwide, appreciate the cost-cutting incurred on their tax and health systems from people using these drops as a viable alternative to invasive cataracts surgery..


We are agents of the original Ethos founded in August 2000 and we are based at:


Ethos Schweitz LLC – Rue du Rhone 14, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland


All payments are taken outside of the UK and all orders are shipped from outside of the UK.


Be sure to only orders from one of our worldwide approved Ethos distributors who display the Genuine Ethos Products banner as that way you are guaranteed to be supplied with the genuine product.

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Author: Professor Steven Charles Gallant

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