What You Need To Do About Cataract For Dogs Treatment?

Cataracts For Dogs Treatment with Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for Pets

Cataracts For Dogs Treatment with Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for Pets

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend and are often considered as part of the family unit. Dogs are very loyal and faithful to you and love you unconditionally as long as you take very good care of them. So, as a dog owner, it is very important that you should know exactly what to do when you dog gets cataracts and to find them the very best cataract for dogs treatment available for your loving and faithful best friend.

Exactly the same as in cataracts in humans, cataracts for dogs are also very common. Therefore it is very important to keep a close eye of your dog to look for the tell-tail signs of cataracts.  These include; a clouding of the lens of the eye, a blueish-greyish appearance of the eye, your dog bumping into things and possibly being disorientated in unfamiliar surroundings. The earlier a cataracts is discovered the quicker and better the cataract for dogs treatment will be.

One method of cataract for dogs treatment usually recommended by veterinarians is cataracts surgery. As with any surgery it carries risks and quite often a dog might not be able to undergo surgery due to other health challenges. Cataract surgery for dogs is also the same as for humans as both human eyes and animal eyes are anatomically made up in the same way. The natural lens of the eye is broken down and removed with an ultrasonic device and then a new man-made lens is implanted. The operation is relatively quick and the dog will usually be able to return home directly after the operation. There will be the need for some postoperative care which will be explained to you by the surgeon at the time.

Cataract for dogs treatment with surgery is mostly successful. Around five to ten percent of dogs are not going to have their eyesight fully restored.  If you think that your canine friend is starting to develop cataracts then it is best to visit a veterinarian ophthalmologist as soon as possible for their professional evaluation and diagnosis. If your dog is diagnosed with cataracts then it is up to you to then decide what you feel is the best course of action to take. Thankfully there is now a new and non-invasive alternative to cataracts surgery where the cataracts can be dissolved with a simple course of eye drops.

Ethos Bright Eyes drops cataract for dogs treatment contain the super anti-oxidant N-Acetyl-Carnosine and are a revolutionary new breakthrough in medical science for the prevention and treatment of cataracts in dogs. They are completely natural and so unlike drugs they do not have any adverse side-effects, only beneficial ones, and also no contraindications. So they are safe to use along side any other prescribed drugs or medication all that is required is that you leave at least thirty minutes before applying any other eye drops to allow each one to go to work and do its job in its own unique way.

Your veterinarian and eye specialist will most likely try to counsel you towards surgery as that is the only real course of action that they know for cataract for dogs treatment. Most are unfortunately still unfamiliar with Ethos Bright Eyes Drops or that there is now a viable natural alternative to cataract surgery for dogs. But as your dog’s owner and carer you can make the best educated decision for them based on all of the new facts available to you now.

Ethos Bright Eyes drops cataract for dogs treatment can be ordered online without the need for a veterinarian prescription and so now you can treat your dogs cataracts in the comfort of your own home and without any fuss and bother. The recommended course of treatment is to use six boxes over the period of six weeks applying one drop into each eye hourly throughout the day. It is unfortunately not always possibly to follow this ideal regime of treatment with pets and the treatment will still work exactly the same by applying the drops once or twice a day but it will take proportionally longer to complete the recommended course of treatment of six boxes. For example, if you apply the drops twice a day it will then take approximately six months to complete the course.

So now that you have all the facts you are in a far better position to decide what you feel is the best cataract for dogs treatment if ever you dog starts developing cataracts. Also, Ethos Bright Eyes drops are an excellent prophylactic and if you start using them today they should prevent your dog from ever developing cataracts, or any other degenerative eye diseases for that matter, in the future as well.

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Author: Peter Aldred

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