Cataracts and Glaucoma Information

People from around the world are suffering with eye problems. Some of the most common ones are; eye cataracts, which are sometimes referred to as grey eyes, glaucoma, macular degeneration (AMD), leaking retinas and diabetic retinopathy. Here we are going to just discuss cataracts and glaucoma information with you as they are two of the most common ones world-wide.

Cataracts Information

The clouds or what is referred to grey area is preventing the light to enter and exit from your eyes.

How will you know if you have this eye problem? You need to ask yourself if you have the following: light sensitivity, blurred vision, colour problems and vision difficulty, if you have these then there is a huge possibility that you are starting to develop cataracts in your eyes.

Another symptom that you do have cataracts is when you change prescription lenses more often than you normally use to. Also, there is a tendency that one eye can develop worse case of cataracts compared to the other eye.

When it comes to solving this eye problem, the most common option to do is to undergo cataracts surgery. The lens which is damaged will now be replaced with artificial lens made out of synthetic material like plastic. If not, you need to use magnifying glasses or contact lenses.

However, there has been this growing and getting popular now – a product that will solve this eye problem. It is the medicated cataract eye drops known as Can-C (TM) and in order to get good results, it requires two drops and be used twice every day.

Glaucoma Information

This eye condition does occur because of the presence of an increased fluid pressure on an individual’s eye. As the fluid pressure start to increase, the eye’s optic nerves slowly get damaged.

Basically, there at least 2 types for this eye condition, the angle closure and open angle. It is the open angle which is the most common form of glaucoma.

If glaucoma is detected at an early stage, this eye problem can be treated without any side effects at all. However, if treatment is not given and not detected right when it’s started to develop, this can lead to permanent vision loss or blindness.

One great tool to use in order to measure the pressure inside your eyes is the use of tonometer. Right when you are having an eye check-up, the doctor will examine the optic never as well.

When it comes to treatment, most often eye drops are prescribed to help reduce the elevated interocular pressure usually associated with glaucoma. The problem with interocular fluid pressure is that there is no way you can easily detect if there is a problem, unless it is acute closed angle glaucoma which can come on sudden;y and cause a lot of pain and must be treated as a medical emergency. But the most common type of glaucoma is open angle glaucoma and often sufferers can go many years without noticing any problems but by the time that it has got bad enough for them to notice it’s often too late as irreparable damage to the optic nerve has already been done. This is why it is so imperative to have regular eye examinations to detect problem early on to prevent lasting damage being done.

Some of the different causes of glaucoma are previous eye injury, extreme near-sightedness, high blood pressure and family history.

Cataracts and Glaucoma Information Summary

We hope that you found this Cataracts and Glaucoma Information useful. The bottom line is, when you have found out that you have either of these two conditions, cataracts or glaucoma, early detection can lead to faster recovery and the treatment can be commenced straight away. Therefore, it is imperative that you must have regular check-ups with your eye doctor or eye specialist to know whether you are suffering from an eye problem so that you can get it treated quickly. The earlier that any eye disease is diagnosed the better the chances are for treatment and the less chance there is that there will be lasting damage or loss of vision.

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