Corneal Disorders

Corneal Disorders Treatment With Ethos Bright Eyes Drops

Corneal Disorders Treatment With Ethos Bright Eyes Drops

Natural Treatment for Corneal Disorders

The cornea is the part of the eye located in the front and center. While it appears to people looking at your eyes as a black dot, it actually is composed of a clear tissue that permits light to pass through into the eye. This light is projected onto the back surface of the eyeball. There, the rods and cones on your eye’s retina transmit the image via the nervous system to the brain. The brain then interprets what is being seen.

If you are having blurred vision, eye pain, or light sensitivity, it could be an indication that you are experiencing some sort of corneal disorder.

Causes of Corneal Disorders

There are several conditions that can cause deterioration of the cornea. These include bacterial infections, viral infections such as keratitis, trauma to the eye, genetic disorders, inflammatory diseases, and growths. Other corneal disorders stem from autoimmune disorders, allergies, ectatic disorders such as keratoconus, and degenerative disorders.

More commonly, the cornea can be damaged by secondary conditions, such as tear film abnormalities, overly dry eyes, eyelid disorders and irritations, environmental factors such as smoke, environmental and contact allergies, and glaucoma.

Symptoms of Corneal Disorders

The most common signal that something is wrong with the cornea is blurred vision. This can mean that there’s a problem either with the clarity of the cornea itself or its curvature.

Another common symptom is pain. Severe pain often can occur if the corneal disorder is affecting the highly sensitive nerves in or near the cornea. Getting hit in the eye or damaging the eye in a fall or accident may also cause severe pain.

Other symptoms include irritation and light sensitivity. These are often the result of corneal disorders affecting the surface of the cornea.

Consequences of Corneal Disorders

Left untreated, corneal disorders can lead to reduced vision, chronic pain and even blindness.

But many corneal disorders are treatable. Some can even be prevented before they ever occur. For example, good visual hygiene and staying up to date on vaccinations can help protect against many infectious diseases.

Preventing Corneal Disorders

Other ways to prevent corneal disorders from occurring include:

  • Protecting the eye from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun by wearing sunglasses with 100% ultraviolet block can minimise the damage caused by some corneal disorders.
  • Following the proper care instructions for wearing glasses or contact lenses also can help avoid corneal disorders from developing.
  • Eating foods that are good for your eyes – including a diet that has plenty of omega-3 fatty acids and 100% Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Vitamin A — is also important for maintaining the protective tear film layer on the eye.
  • Having regular eye examinations to detect problems with the cornea and other areas of the eye can help identify and treat smaller problems before they develop into bigger ones.

Using Bright Eyes to Prevent Corneal Disorders

Ethos Bright Eyes is a type of eye drops that has been scientifically developed for preventing and treating corneal disorders. By applying just a few drops of Bright Eyes to your eyes daily, you can eliminate the conditions that can lead to corneal disorders – such as eye irritation, dryness, redness and pain.

Corneal disorders have the potential to cause serious problems for your eyes. Left untreated, corneal disorders can develop to the point where you are unable to see or your vision is damaged or permanently blurred.

If you have begun to experience the symptoms of any type of corneal disorders, then you should use Bright Eyes so you can give your tired, aching eyes the relief they need before permanent damage can occur.

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Author: Professor Steven Charles Gallant

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