Dog Cataracts

Dog Cataracts Treatment with Bright Eyes Drops for Pets

Dog Cataracts Treatment with Bright Eyes Drops for Pets

Dog cataracts are dubbed as one of the famous eye condition that dogs often had.

This is a condition that is formed when the lens found inside the eye start to become cloudy. The common effect of having a cataract is that the dog will have its vision reduced. However, worst things come this can even lead to vision loss which can hamper the dog’s daily activities or functionalities.

Dog Cataracts Causes

There are different causes of dog cataracts namely:

1. Genes

This is quite common. There are even puppies that are born with cataracts already because they inherited such eye condition from its parents.

2. Normal Aging

As the dog starts to age and grow old, cataracts are now becoming imminent. This can’t be stopped.

3. Other conditions or causes

Diabetes mellitus, infection and trauma are some of the other causes of cataracts.

In usual cases, cataracts do form for both eyes. There is an exception if the cataract is caused by trauma or infection, only one eye might get affected.

Dog Cataracts Treatment

1. Surgery

The usual and most common method when it comes to treating cataracts involves surgery. What usually happens in a surgery is that the entire lens of the dog’s eye or eyes will be removed. Then, this will be replaced by artificial lens.

If the condition is at an early stage, surgery would be the best option. However, if the cataracts are already on its advanced stage, the dog will no longer be subjected to surgery.

2. Eye drops

Bright Eyes Drops for Dog Cataracts

There is a revolutionary product that has started to emerge in the market and that is the use of eye drops as an alternative to cure cataracts. The eye drops is specifically formulated to cure the cataracts of the dog.

The medication will take a couple of months like about 6 months in order achieve positive results.

There is a cry for treating dog cataracts as early as possible when it is still on the early stage. Why? It is because once the cataracts are left untreated, this will lead to severe inflammation which will slowly develop inside the eyes of the dog. As long as there exist the cataracts, the inflammation will still continue to develop.

If this happens, the owner is required to use anti-inflammatory eye drops for the dog’s eyes as long as inflammation is still present.

Apart from the regular dosage of medicate eye drops, your dog need to visit the veterinarian in order to undergo eye exam. This must be done on a regular basis.

One thing that the owner must prepare of, this eye condition can lead to a detached retina or glaucoma.

Therefore, as an owner of a pet dog, it is incumbent upon you to take care of your dog and check every now then its overall health from head to toe especially the eyes. Remember, early detection of this eye condition can lead to ultimate cure in the process.

So, when you see dog cataracts on your dog’s eyes, visit a veterinarian right away or, alternatively, consider treating your dog cataracts with Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for Pets. You can purchase them online and then administer them in the comfort of your own home without the need for a veterinarian prescription or even having to visit one.

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Author: Professor Steven Charles Gallant

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