Eye Drops For Glaucoma

Bright Eyes Drops for Glaucoma

Bright Eyes Eye Drops for Glaucoma

There is a variety of eye drops for glaucoma available on the market. These eye drops are grouped into several categories. However, there is a common denominator for all eye drops for glaucoma; they have the tendency to cause mild irritation. If such irritation continues, it is much advisable to go seek an aid of an eye doctor. If you are the type of patient that can not stand to have eye irritation then, you must visit an eye specialist immediately.

After using the eye drops if you can see your eyes are starting to look a bit puffy and red, then it is necessary to stop using the eye drops before things can even get worst.

The following are the different types of eye drops for glaucoma.

Alpha Agonists
Prostaglandin or prostamide analogues
Carbonic anhydrase

These five differs on the ingredients and also the effect of using the eye drop towards the patient.

To have a clear view of what eye drops for glaucoma you must use, it is much better and highly recommended to go and seek the advice of an expert. In this way, you will know what type of eye drops to use in order to treat glaucoma more effectively.

Now there are new and revolutionary Eye Drops For Glaucoma on the market which give all the same benefits as prescribed glaucoma drugs, and more, but without any of the adverse side effects as associated  with all prescribed glaucoma medications. These can be easily purchased on-line without the need for a doctor’s prescription and you can now very easily and effectively treat yourself in the comfort of your own home.


Author: Peter Aldred

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