Glaucoma Surgery – Do You Really Need Glaucoma Surgery?


Glaucoma Eye Surgery

As people get older their chances of developing glaucoma increase dramatically and most people believe that glaucoma surgery is the only answer. The truth is that modern technology has improved medication to the point that for most glaucoma surgery is not only unnecessary but is just plain dangerous.

When contemplating glaucoma surgery, the first thing you need to think about is that word surgery. This is not a nice word and for most it brings a bit of a chill up and down their spine. Surgery means that someone is going to cut part of you open and do something inside of you, and when you are thinking about eye surgery they are going to be inside your eye. Glaucoma surgery does not sound pleasant.

Then what are your alternatives to glaucoma surgery? If you are facing the fading vision of glaucoma, then you need to talk to your doctor about eye drop therapy. You heard correctly, it is possible with the wonders of modern medicine to treat a condition like glaucoma without any cutting. This makes glaucoma surgery a thing of the past.

What will you save when you avoid glaucoma surgery? First of all there is the obvious point of no one cutting open your eye; in addition there will be no recovery time. That means no pain and suffering after the surgery. Next there is the simple cost, the cost for treating this condition with medicated eye drops is much lower than when you have glaucoma surgery.

While the glaucoma surgery may take a shorter amount of time, when compared to the price and the pain, the medicated eye drops seem to make the most sense. No pain, no suffering during recovery, a reduced price and a very easy process and you can one hundred percent avoid glaucoma surgery, what could be better?

When you use the medicated eye drops as opposed to glaucoma surgery, you will be amazed at how easily they work. You do not even have to be put to sleep, you visit your eye doctor and they just put the drops in your eyes and you vision clears. It is hard to imagine no more glaucoma surgery, but it is possible.

Nothing can be worse than the slow loss of your vision, and nothing can be worse than then the thought of having glaucoma surgery. Now thanks to modern technology and modern medicine you can treat your glaucoma with medicated eye drops and never be concern with glaucoma surgery again.

Having your vision return has always been a possibility, now it is a possibility without ever having glaucoma surgery, see what you have been missing and no one will have to poke around inside your eye.

Author: Professor Steven Charles Gallant
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