Bright Eyes Drops – As featured on “The Richard & Judy Show”

What the videos below and see for yourself the amazing results seen from using Bright Eye Drops, as shown to millions of people on UK National television.


Bright Eyes Drops follow up show 6 weeks later to see the results

It was the famous Richard and Judy Show that gave us the opportunity to bring to the knowledge of millions of our listeners what Bright Eyes Drop is all about. The live television programme was attended by John Bolger. While the programme was on, a tape showing John perform surgical operation for patients suffering cataract problem was shown. The surgical operation was done at Optical Express; three patients who were selected for the preliminary clinical tests had their eyes examined for cataract infection by ophthalmic specialist. The preliminary tests showed the three patients had different degrees of cataract severity.

One of the surgeons who performed the cataract surgical operation that very evening was John Bolger; he is one of the UK’s finest brains in BUPA cataract operation. I was close to him while the TV show lasted. We were watching as he narrated every bit of the action on the clip: he explained the processes involved in the operation as well as the different steps until he completed the surgical operation.

It is not everybody that will withstand that traumatizing experience of seeing the eye cataract surgical operation going on. Definitely it is not for the faint hearted individuals; over 2.1 million viewers of the live television programme could not withstand it. I had not experienced one myself. This explains why Helen Aslam a residence of Essex, one of the three ladies used for the live cataract surgical operation refused to have the other infected eye collected through operation. She would not like to relive that paining experience again in her lifetime. She was relived when her sister informed her of our revolutionary product. She did not hesitate to grab that unique opportunity by volunteering herself for the Bright Eyes Drop clinical test.

The live programme on Richard and Judy Show was an interesting one. As we explain everything about Bright Eyes Drop, John welcomed the idea of having a simple eye treatment that will be an alternative to cataract eyes operation. He was in total support but will rather wait for the outcome of the trials before he will comment further. The outing on that television programme was very encouraging. The reactions and commendations we have received since then are a clear indication that the public are waiting for the Bright Eyes Drop. Many telephone calls have poured to our office seeking further information on the new drug.

We are full of thanks for all those who helped to make the live programme successful. We would like to show our deep appreciation to Richard and Judy who gave us the opportunity to showcase the new product. We will also thank Patrick Ruddy who did the underground work for his professionalism. We appreciate everybody in Cactus TV for their team work in making the programme a reality.

We are very grateful to John Bolger for his openness and his assistance in researches about Bright Eyes which has made it possible to begin the clinical trials.

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Author: Professor Steven Charles Gallant
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