Genuine Ethos Cataract Eye Drops For Pets as featured on the Richard and Judy TV Show

WARNING: Ethos Endymion Bright Eyes cataract eye drops for pets were the actual product featured in the Richard & Judy TV Trials and the Daily Mail newspaper features. Many other eye drop suppliers are now trying to cash in on the phenomenal success of our Bright Eyes drops for pets and are exploiting our features, testimonials and press coverage saying that they relate to their products which is blatantly untrue! If it does not say 'Ethos Endymion Bright Eyes Drops for Pets' on the Label then it is most definitely NOT the same product. Purchasing these less expensive copy-cat products may lead you to very disappointing results...

Pets cataracts in dogs world magazine feature

Living with Dogs- By Jane Lilley

Norma Brind, she who so fortunately warned of the dangers of raisin and grape poisoning, rang to say how grateful she had been for the Ethos Re-vital-eyes drops (formerly marketed as Bright Eyes) when their dearly beloved late Angel - past record holder in L/c Chihuahuas with 56 CCs - was 13 years old. Their vet said that she had signs of cataracts forming and indeed she had a slightly blue haze over the eyes. Norma put the drops into her eyes night and morning. The haze gradually disappeared over a period of four months until she had very dark bright clear sparkling eyes again, just like before, and thus they remained until the day she finally died at 14 years old.

More glowing praise comes from Pam Bungard of the Elarue affix, who has a very elderly Japanese Chin, Kimba by name, who had very cloudy eyes for whom her vet prescribed medication costing £40 per tube, which did little to help. However the Ethos droops proved to be excellent. The eyes cleared dramatically, Kimba can obviously see much better now and is, consequently, as much happier dog.

Good reports for the effectiveness of the drops continue to pour in and I know that whenever my own eyes feel tiered, a few drops almost immediately produces the effect of that great song "I can see clearly now, the rain has gone".

Ethos also produces Endymion for both animals and humans, which not only boosts the immune system but rejuvenates cells. It contains the purest form of L-Carnosine, which occurs naturally in the body, although its production diminishes with age. This super antioxidant Fights free radical damage and is described as the body's own repair substance, being considered a major contributing factor to the ageing process itself. It is reported to be extremely effective for stomach ulcers as well as wound healing, promoting healthiness, general wellbeing and longevity.

Again, if you would like Ethos' number and/or address give me a call, or write with a sae to: Pollards, Furzen Lane, Rudgwick, Nr. Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 3AR or Telephone 01403-822222 (before 7pm).

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Author: Professor Steven Charles Gallant

Genuine Ethos Cataract Eye Drops for pets as featured on the Richard and Judy TV Show