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Cataract Eye Drop – An Alternative To Surgery

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Cataract Eye Drop

Cataract Eye Drop - An All Natural Alternative to Invasive Cataracts Surgery

Cataract Eye Drop – An All Natural Alternative to Invasive Cataracts Surgery

Cataracts effect over 17 million people in the world. Today, over 35,000 new cases are diagnosed daily worldwide. Cataracts mostly effect individuals over the age of 65, with 80 percent of sufferers being over the age of 80. Although historically, cataract surgery has been considered the most effective treatment for cataracts, cataract eye drops are gaining ground as a safe natural alternative treatment modality.

Cataract Eye Drop vs Surgery

When you develop cataracts, most often doctors will recommend cataract eye surgery. However, this is a treatment approach that has a significant risk of blindness. Cataract surgery has a one percent fail rate. As a result, eye surgeons will only perform the surgery on one eye at a time, not risking surgery failure in both eyes. People who experience surgical failure are left blind in one eye and must find alternative options for treating their cataracts in the remaining eye or simply accept their condition which will ultimately leave them completely blind. This means then that the cataract eye drop is their only possible solution left.

Bright Eyes cataract eye drops are a safe alternative to cataract eye surgery. Eye drops deliver a concentrated level of N-Acetyl-Carnosine (NAC) to the eye. NAC is a neuro-protective peptide and super antioxidant that attacks free radicals and repairs damage at a cellular level. When placed in the eyes, the NAC protects the eyes from free radical damage, while also dissolving the crystalline film in the lens of the eye that forms the cataracts. As a result, Bright Eyes Eye Drops are effective and safe cataract eye drops that are an excellent alternative to invasive cataracts surgery.

The Main Benefits of Using a Cataract Eye Drop

There are many benefits to using cataract eye drops as an alternative to invasive cataract eye surgery. Among the chief benefits is that they are safe and easy to use. Instead of taking the risk of potential blindness in the event of surgery failure, you can use Bright Eyes cataract eye drops to relatively quickly and easily cure your eye condition. There are no adverse side-effects, only beneficial ones, and no contraindications either.

You can also use Bright Eyes cataract eye drops in your home without the need to visit a doctor in their office. By applying the eye drops hourly every day for six weeks, you can soon see more clearly and sharply. They do not have any known side-effects and have been proven to be highly effective through repeated clinical trials. You can order them online without the need for a doctor’s prescription.

If you use Bright Eyes cataract eye drops in the early stages of the condition, clinical trials have indicated an almost 100 percent effectiveness rate in curing cataracts. Even if you do not use the cataract eye drops early in the illness, the effectiveness rate using the recommended course of six boxes over the course of six weeks is still 80 percent. People with more mature advanced cataracts simply require a longer period of treatment to completely clear their cataracts. When compared to invasive cataract eye surgery, it is certainly worth it to try the eye drops as a first option to treat cataracts.

If you are looking for a safe, non-invasive alternative to cataract eye surgery, consider using Bright Eyes cataract eye drops. They have been clinically proved to be very effective and are far less expensive and easier to use than going to the doctor and getting surgery.

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Author: Professor Steven Charles Gallant


Cataracts After Surgery – The Necessary After-care

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Cataracts After Surgery – The Necessary After-care

Cataracts After Surgery - The Necessary After-care

Cataracts After Surgery – The Necessary After-care

This article describes the necessary after-care for cataracts after surgery – There are always negative and positive effects whenever you will have surgery, like in many eye operations cataracts after surgery is an expected incident that may happen to anybody. So, it is very important to have the necessary after-care to avoid complications and problems in the surgery. The eye is a very sensitive so it appropriate to keep a clean after-care.

Cataracts after surgery can be dangerous so it is very important to learn on how to do the sterile way to do after-care. Cataracts after surgery is one situation that really needs you to be safe and you should always practice hand washing. You will certainly end up incapable of drive safely and securely after cataract removal and an individual really should consider an individual home as well as guide you with day-to-day responsibilities pertaining to the first few days following surgery. It might be a excellent idea to put on sunglasses or a head wear soon after the treatment, as the actual eye might be sensitive to light.

Typically the cut produced in the eye heals on a unique. Right now there is typically some discomfort for 1-2 days right after surgery so this is very important to prevent cataracts after surgery. This particular might be by means of itchiness or stickiness after blinking. Eye drops usually are prescribed to lessen inflammation, prevent infection and promote recovery. Follow up prearranged appointments are usually scheduled for another couple of months with the first is usually a day later. Routine activities can be resumed after a couple of days although vision may be not clear. Eye discomfort usually returns within a few hours when the actual aesthetic wears off and improved upon vision is generally noticed within a day or two. The full therapeutic process normally takes several months. The following recommendations should be followed: Usually do not touch or rub the eye.

Prevent activities, which may cause airborne dirt and dust or dirt to enter the eye.
Avoid washing your hair for at least 2 days to keep cleansing soap and shampoo out of the eye. Avoid swimming and splashing your eye by using water to ensure that there is no danger of infection.
Stay away from bending, heavy lifting or over doing exercises for the first few weeks so that strain is not really improved in the eye as well as the healing process is not restricted.
Contact your eye doctor or medical clinic if you encounter greater than mild discomfort, loss of vision, if your eye becomes increasingly red, if you see flashes of light or if you experience nausea, vomiting or excessive coughing.
After cataract surgery, you could possibly will need spectacles to correct astigmatism, that may affect close up work for instance reading.

Any time your vision provides stabilized; a pair of glasses may need changing using the right prescription. It is important to continually check prescription and adjust lenses until controllable. Cataract after surgery will be prevented as long as you will follow how to do the right and appropriate after-care.

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Author: Professor Steven Charles Gallant

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