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Cataract Eye Drops

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Cataract Eye Drops

Cataract Eye Drops – How Can they Help

Cataracts Eye Drops Instead of Cataracts Surgery

Cataracts Eye Drops Instead of Cataracts Surgery

Cataract seemed like they would be the end of me. I was born with health problems that left me bed ridden most of my life. I had very little energy. But I could always see well, and I was always good with my hands. I spent many days in bed, knitting sweaters and blankets and doing art. Eventually that’s how I made my money, as well as how I kept my sanity. When I first got my Cataracts and my vision started fading I was heartbroken.

It felt like the Cataracts were rapidly taking over and doing my art was getting harder and harder without cataract eye drops. Because of my cataracts, I was growing so depressed and frustrated I hardly wanted to live.

One particularly hard morning I was knitting. I couldn’t see well and I kept dropping my stitches. Finally I just set my needles down and began to cry. That’s when Dora walked into the room. She saw me crying and knew exactly why. She had heard in church, from my mother, that I had cataracts and that she thought that it may affect my will to live. That’s when she started to tell me about cataract eye drops.

Dora was older than me, much healthier, but had suffered from cataracts much longer than I and she was also using cataract eye drops. But she said that recently something amazing had happened to her. She had fallen asleep in front of the television when she was awoken by a program . It sounded too good to be true. “Heck,” she said “I’m an old lady I figured I might as well take a chance. What do I got to lose? Besides, I don’t want to be a blind old bat if I can help it.” Then she looked at me and smiled. “Cataract eye drops really work.” Her cataracts no longer bother her.

I immediately looked into cataract eye drops. It was amazing how simple it was. I was always afraid of surgery. The idea of surgery behind your eyes was even more disturbing to me, I could never do it. But being able to just use eye drops and have your vision be repaired? My goodness, it was amazing! With virtually no effort my vision was magically returning just with cataract eye drops! Take that cataracts!

My life is so much better these days with cataract eye drops. I am completing paintings and knitting sweaters at the same pace I used to before my cataracts appeared. It’s all thanks to sweet old Dora letting me in on one little secret. I’ll never forget her and that visit. Now I can live the way I used to before I got my cataracts. I have back the things I love! Thanks to cataract eye drops my cataracts will not ever hold me back again!

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Author: Professor Steven Charles Gallant

Cataract Eye Drops

Cataracts in Dogs Alternative Natural Treatment

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Cataracts in Dogs

Cataracts in dogs are a very common occurrence with our canine friends. Several kinds of cataracts exist and the causes are few and far between. However, cataracts in dogs can be treated to help him or her live life a little better. Watch the video below to see our testimonial from Dr. Elizabette Cohen who has been practising high quality medicine and surgery in New York since 1988.

“This site is all about helping you keep your pet healthy, happy and free of visually impairing eye conditions including cataracts and glaucoma”.

NYC WCBS880 News Radio Pet Vet – Dr Elizabette Cohen & Allie

A cataract is when the protein of the lens inside the eye becomes slightly decayed, causing a blurry opacity to form. Some cataracts in dogs can be so small that it does not hurt the animal’s vision, or some can be big enough to cause blindness, glaucoma, and uveitis. Several kinds of cataracts in dogs exist: an incipient cataract, immature cataract, and mature cataracts.


An incipient cataract is the least significant form of a cataract. In fact humans cannot tell if it harms the dog’s vision or not. Most veterinarians believe it rarely affects the dog’s vision at all. The second kind of cataract is immature cataracts. This kind only covers a portion of the dog’s eye and will affect the animal’s eyesight. If not treated in time, the immature cataract may develop into a mature cataract, covering the dog’s eye entirely. These kinds of cataracts in dogs can also be known as the “stages” of the disease. When one occurs others will follow.

Cataracts in Dogs Treatment with Bright Eyes Drops for Pets

Cataracts in Dogs Treatment with Bright Eyes Drops for Pets

The main causes of cataracts in dogs are: diabetes, heredity, and trauma. Like humans dogs can obtain diabetes but the most common way is from birth. Depending on the breed of dog, some dogs will develop the disease quicker than others if it is passed on by heredity. For example, a German Sheppard may form a cataract at an early age of eight weeks, whereas a standard poodle will take about a year to notice anything. Trauma such as car accidents, shotgun pellets, or simply a thorn may cause a cataract so, it is important to see a veterinarian as soon as possible whenever events may occur.

Treatment for cataracts in dogs is normally surgery, which is a very delicate process. In the surgery, the lens inside the eye is removed via surgical incision. Then some gel and specific liquids are added until an artificial lens is inserted.

Sometimes cataracts in dogs are confused with another disease called nuclear sclerosis. Nuclear sclerosis is a disorder that forms in a dog’s eye from old age that looks similar to a cataract. However nuclear sclerosis does not affect the dog’s vision at all. In order to tell if a dog has a cataract or nuclear sclerosis a veterinarian may be able to tell the difference.

are a very serious matter, which should be taken care of as soon as possible. They can develop in any breed and can be taken care of. The sooner a cataract is noticed the easier it will be to save the dog’s eyesight.

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Author: Professor Steven Charles Gallant

bright eyes drops for pets

Cataracts In Dogs


Cataracts in Cats Eyes Dissolved by Ethos Bright Eyes Drops

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Cataracts In Cats Eyes – How To Recognise, Diagnose & Treat Cataracts In Cats

Cataracts in Cats Eyes Dissolved by Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for Pets

Cataracts in Cats Eyes Dissolved by Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for Pets

Cataracts are caused by a clouding of the lens of the eye that blocks or hinders vision. It can affect both dogs and cats, but it is more common in dogs. Cataracts in cats are easily recognised, diagnosed and treatable.

Cats with cataracts have clouded pupils that have a blueish or greyish haze to them. It may impair vision in one or in both eyes and it can range from a mild to moderate sight problems to complete blindness. It can come on very slowly or in some cases the progression can be very fast. Some distinctive signs of cataracts in cats are; abnormal ambulation, walking into walls, unsure footing, tripping over objects, not recognising people and misjudging distances. Cataracts in cats is usually a painless condition but it will ultimately lead to blindness if left untreated.

If you think that your cat may have cataracts you need to get it diagnosed buy your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will start by looking for the tell tale signs of cataracts in cats. This will include a measurement of the cat’s pupil size, the veterinarian will then talk to you about symptom’s you have noticed and will try to observe them. The veterinarian will check the “menace reflex” moving a hand toward the cat’s head, then stopping to see if the cat reacts. Another test done to detect cataracts in cats is to throw a ball onto the floor while watching to see if the cat follows the movement. Other tests that veterinarians use to diagnose cataracts in cats are the Schirmer tear test by putting fluorescein dye in the eye. This test is used to measure the moisture level of the eye, look for foreign bodies, and then determine if the cornea has been damaged. Ultrasonography’s are available for advanced evaluation of the retina and eye structures. Lastly blood tests will be done to rule out things such as feline immunodeficiency virus, feline infectious peritonitis, feline leukaemia virus.

Cataracts in cats sometimes improve by themselves and may not need to have treatment. If diagnosed early cataracts in cats can be treated with inflammatory eye drops. If it is caused by malnutrition it can be treated with supplements. The most effective treatment for cataracts in cats is surgical removal of the affected lens. There are surgical procedures that can be considered, and this surgery is performed by a specialised veterinary ophthalmologist. The goal of surgery is to restore the cat’s vision and prevent the common secondary sequellae of cataracts: uveitis, glaucoma and retinal detachment. The prognosis for surgery is better if it is done early in the course of cataract development. A veterinarian will want to be sure that the cat is systemically stable and healthy prior to surgery.Cataracts in cats are something that can be easily recognised, diagnosed and treated. If you think your cat may have cataracts you should take in your pet to its veterinarian as soon as possible.

There is also now a revolutionary new treatment for cataracts in cats called Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for Pets which involves a simple course of eye drops. You simply apply the eye drops, one drop into each eye that is being treated, hourly throughout the day. The full course of treatment is you use 6 boxes of eye drops over the space of 6 weeks and at the end of this time the cataracts should be gone. If it’s not possible to apply the eye drops every hour, they will still work exactly the same if you just apply them once or twice a day, but it will take proportionally longer to complete the recommended course of treatment of 6 boxes. If applying the drops twice a day, once in the morning and then again in the evening, the complete course will then take roughly 6 months to complete. This option is a lot easier and less expensive than a cataracts operation and there are no adverse side-effects nor contraindications, only beneficial ones. You can order Bright Eyes Drops online without the need for a veterinarian’s prescription. You can then treat the cataracts in your cats eyes in the comfort of your own home with no fuss or bother.

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Author: Professor Steven Charles Gallant

Cataract For Dogs Treatment

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What You Need To Do About Cataract For Dogs Treatment?

Cataracts For Dogs Treatment with Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for Pets

Cataracts For Dogs Treatment with Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for Pets

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend and are often considered as part of the family unit. Dogs are very loyal and faithful to you and love you unconditionally as long as you take very good care of them. So, as a dog owner, it is very important that you should know exactly what to do when you dog gets cataracts and to find them the very best cataract for dogs treatment available for your loving and faithful best friend.

Exactly the same as in cataracts in humans, cataracts for dogs are also very common. Therefore it is very important to keep a close eye of your dog to look for the tell-tail signs of cataracts.  These include; a clouding of the lens of the eye, a blueish-greyish appearance of the eye, your dog bumping into things and possibly being disorientated in unfamiliar surroundings. The earlier a cataracts is discovered the quicker and better the cataract for dogs treatment will be.

One method of cataract for dogs treatment usually recommended by veterinarians is cataracts surgery. As with any surgery it carries risks and quite often a dog might not be able to undergo surgery due to other health challenges. Cataract surgery for dogs is also the same as for humans as both human eyes and animal eyes are anatomically made up in the same way. The natural lens of the eye is broken down and removed with an ultrasonic device and then a new man-made lens is implanted. The operation is relatively quick and the dog will usually be able to return home directly after the operation. There will be the need for some postoperative care which will be explained to you by the surgeon at the time.

Cataract for dogs treatment with surgery is mostly successful. Around five to ten percent of dogs are not going to have their eyesight fully restored.  If you think that your canine friend is starting to develop cataracts then it is best to visit a veterinarian ophthalmologist as soon as possible for their professional evaluation and diagnosis. If your dog is diagnosed with cataracts then it is up to you to then decide what you feel is the best course of action to take. Thankfully there is now a new and non-invasive alternative to cataracts surgery where the cataracts can be dissolved with a simple course of eye drops.

Ethos Bright Eyes drops cataract for dogs treatment contain the super anti-oxidant N-Acetyl-Carnosine and are a revolutionary new breakthrough in medical science for the prevention and treatment of cataracts in dogs. They are completely natural and so unlike drugs they do not have any adverse side-effects, only beneficial ones, and also no contraindications. So they are safe to use along side any other prescribed drugs or medication all that is required is that you leave at least thirty minutes before applying any other eye drops to allow each one to go to work and do its job in its own unique way.

Your veterinarian and eye specialist will most likely try to counsel you towards surgery as that is the only real course of action that they know for cataract for dogs treatment. Most are unfortunately still unfamiliar with Ethos Bright Eyes Drops or that there is now a viable natural alternative to cataract surgery for dogs. But as your dog’s owner and carer you can make the best educated decision for them based on all of the new facts available to you now.

Ethos Bright Eyes drops cataract for dogs treatment can be ordered online without the need for a veterinarian prescription and so now you can treat your dogs cataracts in the comfort of your own home and without any fuss and bother. The recommended course of treatment is to use six boxes over the period of six weeks applying one drop into each eye hourly throughout the day. It is unfortunately not always possibly to follow this ideal regime of treatment with pets and the treatment will still work exactly the same by applying the drops once or twice a day but it will take proportionally longer to complete the recommended course of treatment of six boxes. For example, if you apply the drops twice a day it will then take approximately six months to complete the course.

So now that you have all the facts you are in a far better position to decide what you feel is the best cataract for dogs treatment if ever you dog starts developing cataracts. Also, Ethos Bright Eyes drops are an excellent prophylactic and if you start using them today they should prevent your dog from ever developing cataracts, or any other degenerative eye diseases for that matter, in the future as well.

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Author: Professor Steven Charles Gallant

Cataracts For Dogs – An Alternative Treatment

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Cataracts For Dogs – Different Types and Treatments

Cataracts For Dogs Alternative Treatment with Bright Eyes Drops for Pets

Cataracts For Dogs Alternative Treatment with Bright Eyes Drops for Pets

There are four different types of cataracts for dogs:

1. Congenital cataracts

This is a type of cataract which is present at birth. Symptoms are already imminent when the puppies are about 5 weeks old. Cataracts have the tendency to develop rapidly and in just a matter of weeks but sometimes the onset can be slower and will take several years to develop. Cataract can appear in just one eye or in both eyes.

2. Traumatic cataracts

This is a type of cataract that develops when a person is involved in a car accident, hit by a shotgun pellet, the penetration of something like a thorn in the eye, a sharp splinter of metal or any object which leads to damage of the eye and its lens.

3. Senile cataracts

This is a type of cataract which is present in older dogs who are over 6 years of age. Although cataracts do occur slightly less in older dogs than they do in older humans.

4. Developmental cataracts

This is the type of cataract which develops right at the early stage of a dog’s life. This can either be caused by another inherent medical condition or disease such as an infection, nutritional deficiencies, toxins or diabetes, or it can be inherited hereditarily as well.

Cataracts For Dogs – Treatment

Bright Eyes Drops for Pets

Cataracts for Dogs Treatment with Bright Eyes Drops for Pets Cataracts

When it comes to cataract treatments for dogs, there are a variety of different options to choose from. It mainly depends on the type of cataract that a dog has and how severe it is.

A small cataract found on your dog’s eyes is not life-threatening, nor will it really hamper your dog’s vision excessively. However, for a more mature cataract, it will require treatment as it will, more than likely, soon start impeding your dog’s vision and, if left untreated, will ultimately lead to complete blindness.

In order to get the right treatment, it is advisable to discuss it with your veterinarian who will then probably refer you to an eye expert – like a canine ophthalmologist for example.

For cataracts that occur due to diabetes, this can be cured through the use of medicated eye drops. However, in some cases it may require undergoing surgery. Also it is advisable to treat the diabetes as well and Ethos élan Vital for Pets is one of the most effective treatments for diabetes available.

Cataracts For Dogs – Surgery

One thing that you should be happy about, when it comes to cataracts surgery for dogs, the success rate is very high. However, cataract surgery can be very costly which can unfortunately make it prohibitive for many people. This is because the equipment used, as well as the procedure itself, are very similar to those that are used in cataract surgery for humans.

Usually dogs with cataracts will experience little or no pain from the operation. They can often go home directly after the surgery has been completed. In order for your dog to have a safe and full recovery after the operation, you must follow the post-care instructions given you to the letter.

Prepare yourself for possible health complications that might occur right after cataract surgery such as bleeding, glaucoma, inflammation, retinal detachment or excessive scar tissue. Regarding these complications, your veterinarian will discuss them with you in full detail and will explain how best to watch out for each of these complications and how you can help to minimise the possibilities of any of them actually occurring.

Cataracts For Dogs – Tips

The effect cataracts has on your dog is that its vision will be impaired and, if not treated, it will  lead to vision loss and ultimately blindness. However, you need not worry too much because dogs can adapt quite easily and quickly to their environment even if they are blind. One very good tip, if your dog does suddenly go blind, is to use different scents to mark different areas in the house. Use one scent at the edges of the walls, another scent across the bottom of doorways and another sent at the top and bottom of stairs. You’ll be amazed at how soon a blind dog will learn this and then will be able to navigate around the house unimpeded. Remember, a dogs sense of smell is one of its strongest senses so blindness is thankfully a lot less debilitating for a dog than for a human.
Bright Eyes Drops Treat Cataracts for DogsAt the end of the day, it is highly advisable to keep your dog’s eyesight healthy and watch closely for any symptoms of cataracts in the future. The sooner cataracts is diagnosed the easier it is to treat with Bright Eyes Drops for Pet’s Cataracts. These are the non-invasive natural alternative to cataracts surgery and you can administer them to your dog, in the comfort of your own home, without even needing to visit your veterinarian at all. You can also order them online without the need for a  veterinarian’s prescription. Dr Elizabette Cohen, the WCBS880 News Rdio Pet Vet in New York City, wholeheartedly endorses Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for pets cataracts after seeing amazing the results on her own dog Allie. You can review her video testimonial here.

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Author: Professor Steven Charles Gallant


Cataracts After Surgery – The Necessary After-care

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Cataracts After Surgery – The Necessary After-care

Cataracts After Surgery - The Necessary After-care

Cataracts After Surgery – The Necessary After-care

This article describes the necessary after-care for cataracts after surgery – There are always negative and positive effects whenever you will have surgery, like in many eye operations cataracts after surgery is an expected incident that may happen to anybody. So, it is very important to have the necessary after-care to avoid complications and problems in the surgery. The eye is a very sensitive so it appropriate to keep a clean after-care.

Cataracts after surgery can be dangerous so it is very important to learn on how to do the sterile way to do after-care. Cataracts after surgery is one situation that really needs you to be safe and you should always practice hand washing. You will certainly end up incapable of drive safely and securely after cataract removal and an individual really should consider an individual home as well as guide you with day-to-day responsibilities pertaining to the first few days following surgery. It might be a excellent idea to put on sunglasses or a head wear soon after the treatment, as the actual eye might be sensitive to light.

Typically the cut produced in the eye heals on a unique. Right now there is typically some discomfort for 1-2 days right after surgery so this is very important to prevent cataracts after surgery. This particular might be by means of itchiness or stickiness after blinking. Eye drops usually are prescribed to lessen inflammation, prevent infection and promote recovery. Follow up prearranged appointments are usually scheduled for another couple of months with the first is usually a day later. Routine activities can be resumed after a couple of days although vision may be not clear. Eye discomfort usually returns within a few hours when the actual aesthetic wears off and improved upon vision is generally noticed within a day or two. The full therapeutic process normally takes several months. The following recommendations should be followed: Usually do not touch or rub the eye.

Prevent activities, which may cause airborne dirt and dust or dirt to enter the eye.
Avoid washing your hair for at least 2 days to keep cleansing soap and shampoo out of the eye. Avoid swimming and splashing your eye by using water to ensure that there is no danger of infection.
Stay away from bending, heavy lifting or over doing exercises for the first few weeks so that strain is not really improved in the eye as well as the healing process is not restricted.
Contact your eye doctor or medical clinic if you encounter greater than mild discomfort, loss of vision, if your eye becomes increasingly red, if you see flashes of light or if you experience nausea, vomiting or excessive coughing.
After cataract surgery, you could possibly will need spectacles to correct astigmatism, that may affect close up work for instance reading.

Any time your vision provides stabilized; a pair of glasses may need changing using the right prescription. It is important to continually check prescription and adjust lenses until controllable. Cataract after surgery will be prevented as long as you will follow how to do the right and appropriate after-care.

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Author: Professor Steven Charles Gallant

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