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Cataracts & Glaucoma – The Facts

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Cataracts & Glaucoma – Things You Need To Know

Cataracts & Glaucoma Cured by Ethos Bright Eyes Drops

Cataracts & Glaucoma Cured by Ethos Bright Eyes Drops

Cataracts and glaucoma are eye condition that maybe you know because many people have parents or grandparents who are already suffering from one of these degenerative eye disorders. Medically, there are already many informative websites that can give you brief information about these conditions and the things that you should know about them. While reading this article you will for sure understand some more information about cataracts and glaucoma.

What is a Cataract?

The actual lens inside of the eye has the primary function associated with focusing light on to the retina inside of the eye to make a clear, well-defined picture. As we age, this lens can become cloudy and this ultimately leads to a serious loss of eyesight. It can be likened to looking at the world through a frosted pane of glass. This specific situation is classed as a cataract.

The sort of cataract most regularly clinically diagnosed is a senile cataract. This sort of cataract has an effect on older individuals who are normally forty years of age and over. A cataract is normally a pain-free condition and in its early stages it may not have any effect on a person’s eyesight. On the other hand, as a cataract advances, eyesight will become diminished and the signs and symptoms will gradually become more noticeable. These indicators can include; a blurry or foggy perspective, difficulty in differentiating shades, difficulty reading, an increased level of sensitivity to vibrant light and seeing halos around lights. The later being especially noticeable at night with the lights from oncoming vehicle’s headlights. Because these indicators could also be associated with other eye conditions, it is very important to seek professional advice from a qualified eye specialist or ophthalmologist as quickly as possible to get an appropriate eye examination to determine whether it is in fact cataracts or some other condition.

Within an everyday eye examination, the ophthalmologist will normally enlarge the patient’s pupils with eye drops. The eye drops enable the physician to view the interior part of the eye much more easily. A vibrant light focused to the eye enables the physician to see the actual lens and determine whether any kind of cloudiness exists. In case a cataract is identified, a suitable remedy is going to be suggested. Most ophthalmologists will automatically recommend cataract surgery. This involves a surgical operation where the natural lens inside of the eye is removed through and incision in the eye and then a man-made plastic lens is inserted in its place.

Cataract surgery is the most successful operation ever developed. The general success rate regarding cataract surgery is actually ninety-nine percent. But as with any surgical procedure there can be complications and for the poor one-percent of people where the operation fails they are then left blind in one eye. It is for this reason that they will only ever operate on one eye at a time.

Thankfully there is now a new and totally non-invasive alternative to cataract surgery. This involves a simple six week course of eye drops. Ethos Bright Eyes drops for cataracts have been proved in clinical trials to be very effective at reversing cataracts. Cataracts is caused by a cross-linking of proteins within the crystalline structure of the lens of the eye. The Bright Eyes Drops work at a cellular level to reverse this cross-linking and thus restore the natural lens of the eye back to full clarity once again. The clinical trials showed them to be one-hundred-percent effective on mild to moderate cataracts and eighty-percent effective on much more advanced and mature senile cataracts over the trial period. As the mature senile cataracts take many years to develop, conversely they will require a longer period of treatment to completely clear them.

The recommended course of treatment is to use six boxes of Ethos Bright Eyes drops for cataracts over the space of six weeks. You simply apply one drop into each eye being treated at hourly intervals throughout the day.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is one of the commonest causes of blindness in seniors. Glaucoma refers to a number of different eye conditions and is often associated with an increase in intraocular pressure, IOP, within the eye. Normally, clear aqueous humour circulates around the inside of the eye and drains away by way of a network of cells called the ‘angle’. If this essential fluid is not able to drain away properly, liquid accumulates developing a strain inside the eye and the IOP increases accordingly. In the event that the condition is not noticed and remains untreated then this high pressure will certainly harm the sensitive optic nerve which is accountable for delivering visual messages to the brain. This kind of damage could cause anything from a partial loss of eyesight to total blindness. There are lots of kinds of glaucoma. The most frequent kind that has an effect on seniors is known as chronic open-angle glaucoma. One of the most common signs of chronic open-angle glaucoma is a loss, or a reduction in, your periphery vision.

Many glaucoma sufferers are unfortunately not even aware that there is a problem until it is too late as it is happens slowly but progressively over time. For this reason it is often referred to as ‘the sneak-thief’ of sight. Often, by the time it is discovered, it is too late and irreparable damage has already been done to the optic nerve. This is why it is so imperative to have regular eye examination by a qualified eye specialist or ophthalmologist. As early detection is the key to preventing permanent damage to your vision as the appropriate treatment can be started right away.

Most ophthalmologists will prescribe glaucoma drugs and medications to help relieve the symptoms and to try and reduce elevated intraocular pressure often associated with glaucoma. The main problem with this approach is like most drugs they have unwanted and adverse side-effects which in turn can then cause other problems as well. You can see a definitive list of commonly prescribed glaucoma drugs and their associated adverse side-effects if you Click Here.

A Revolutionary New Alternative nNatural Treatment for Glaucoma

Thankfully there is now a revolutionary new eye drop on the market which is all-natural and contains no drugs. They are called Ethos Bright Eyes drops for glaucoma and they contain the natural neuro-peptide N-Acetyl-Carnosine, or just NAC for short. This compound has the unique ability to work at a cellular level rejuvenating cells and repairing damage. It is also highly effective at reducing elevated intraocular eye pressure as well.

Exactly the same as described above for the treatment of cataracts, the recommended course of treatment for glaucoma is also to use six boxes of Ethos Bright Eyes drops for glaucoma over the space of six weeks. You simply apply one drop into each eye being treated at hourly intervals throughout the day.

Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for Cataracts & Glaucoma

The beauty with both of the Bright Eyes products is that they can be ordered online without the need for a doctors prescription. They have no adverse side-effects or contraindications as associated with all prescribed medications for glaucoma. You can treat yourself in the comfort of your own home without any fuss or bother.

Ethos Bright Eyes drops also have excellent prophylactic properties as well. As the old adage goes; an ounce of prevention is far better than a pound of cure. So, even if you aren’t suffering with any eye conditions like cataracts and glaucoma, it is strongly recommended to apply one or two drops a day as a maintenance dose to help prevent you from ever contracting and degenerative eye diseases like cataracts and glaucoma in the future and to maintain crystal clear visual acuity and perfect eye health.

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Author: Professor Steven Charles Gallant

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